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    2. ?LEARN A WORD 學個詞 第3367課 herald

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      今天我們要學的詞是 herald.

      herald 是指傳遞消息的信使,作為動詞有預報、傳達的意思。 State-news media heralded the possibility that China's most advanced weapons will make an appearance during the National Day celebrations in Beijing on October 1. 中國官方媒體傳達消息說,中國最先進武器有可能在今年10月1號的北京國慶節慶典上亮相。

      The growing digitization of credentials heralds a new era of greater transparency for educational outcomes — providing more and better data on which corporate leaders can make hiring decisions. 證書數字化的不斷發展預示著教育成果更加透明的新時代,為企業負責人的招聘決定提供更多更好的數據。
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