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    2. 聽力特快
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       WORDS AND IDIOMS - 美國習慣用語

      wi998 gray area
      wi997 go easy on
      wi996 gloss over
      wi995 give and take
      wi994 get wise to
      wi993 funny business
      wi992 full of oneself
      wi991 foul-play
      wi990 foregone conclusion
      wi989 force one's hand
      wi988 follow suit
      wi987 fly in the face of
      wi986 flotsam and jetsam
      wi985 fizzle out
      wi984 on the firing line
      wi983 have one's finger on the pulse
      wi982 ferret out
      wi981 feast or famine
      wi980 fast and furious
      wi979 fall by the wayside

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